Combined Towel Dispenser Waste Bins

Stainless steel combined towel dispensers with buit in waste bins are the ideal solution for dispensing paper towels and providing a waste receptacle to dispose of the used paper. Conbined in one sleek unit they can be supplied for recessed installation for the minimal look, or surface mounted if recessing is not possible.

Also referred to as combined paper towel dispenser and waste receptacles the units are available in two sizes which should suit most school washroom requirements.

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£178.00 (exc VAT)

Small Recessed Waste Bin And Towel Dispenser

Small Recessed Waste Bin And Towel Dispenser image

Small combined stainless steel recessed towel dispenser with integral waste bin.
475 Towels 7.6 Litre Bin

Product Code CU-2R

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