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Wudu Ritual Wash Troughs

School Toilets offer stainless steel Wudu ritual foot wash troughs in three standard sizes, or alternatively they can be manufactured to suit individual requirements.

Wudu wash troughs are becoming popular in schools, colleges, and universities as well as workplaces and public buildings. Our multicultural society means provision must be made to allow other faiths to practice their religion, and infrastructure must be changed to facilitate this.

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Wudu Foot Wash Troughs - SingleWudu Foot Wash Troughs - Single
Wudu Foot Wash Troughs - Single
Single stainless steel Wudu foot wash unit 600mm Wide
£958.80 inc VAT£799.00 ex VAT
Product Code WUDU-1
Wudu Foot Wash Troughs - DoubleWudu Foot Wash Troughs - Double
Wudu Foot Wash Troughs - Double
Double stainless steel Wudu foot wash unit 1200mm Wide
£1,318.80 inc VAT£1,099.00 ex VAT
Product Code WUDU-2

Triple Wudu Foot Wash TroughTriple Wudu Foot Wash Trough
Triple Wudu Foot Wash Trough
Triple stainless steel Wudu foot wash unit 1800mm Wide
£1,986.00 inc VAT£1,655.00 ex VAT
Product Code WUDU-3
Wudu Foot Wash StoolsWudu Foot Wash Stools
Wudu Foot Wash Stools
Stainless steel foot wash stool 520mm high
£325.20 inc VAT£271.00 ex VAT
Product Code STOOL

Plastic Bottle Trap 1.5
Plastic Bottle Trap 1.5
Plastic bottle trap. Inlet and outlet size - 38mm
£12.00 inc VAT£10.00 ex VAT
Product Code WUDU-TRAP

Wudu Ritual Wash Troughs

Our Wudu foot washing troughs make the job of providing ritual washing facilities for a school prayer facility cost effective, and easy to achieve. The provision or ritual washing and prayer facilities will help to comply with equality and diversity requirements, and offer students a proper environment for their prayer needs. Students should no longer have to perform wudu ritual washing in wash basins or any other unsuitable equuipment.